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River Rats Raft & Kayak
Head Office at 391 State Highway 33, Mourea, Rotorua. Freephone 0800 333 900

Based in Rotorua, River Rats Raft & Kayak have been offering quality adventures for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on a safety first culture and our attention to detail.

There is a rafting trip to suit everyone, from a gentle grade 2 scenic raft trip on the Lower Rangitaiki River, the 65 rapids of the grade 3 Tongariro River, the 14km scenic adventure trip on the grade 3-4 Rangitaiki River through to full on grade 5 action on the Wairoa River and the world's highest commercially rafted waterfall - the Kaituna!

There are also plenty of Rotorua Kayaking options available as freedom hire or a guided tour. Paddle the local lakes to a secluded beach or enjoy a hot water swim only accessible by boat.


Wet 'n' Wild Rafting
Headquarters at 2 White Street, Rotorua. Phone 07-349 6567

Based in Rotorua, Wet 'n' Wild offers regular, guided white water rafting options on five different rivers, graded from 2 to 5.

Rafting is all about excitement, relaxation and teamwork. We like to embrace each rafting adventure at a leisurely pace to give you the time to fully appreciate the experience. On your Wet 'n' Wild adventure you will enjoy multiple sensations ... the exhilaration and thrill from nature's powerful forces at work, the whitewater and the respect that it commands; you will be in awe of the spectacular scenery that encompasses you throughout the journey, and you will relish in the contentment of achievement and fulfillment of personal and team challenges met and mastered along the way.

Wet 'n' Wild has been rafting New Zealand Rivers safely for 29 years, resulting in an accumulated wealth of rafting knowledge and experience to share with our customers.

Every trip has its own experiences that will provide you with memories to treasure forever.


Rotorua Canopy Tours - The Original
Headquarters at 147 Fairy Springs Road, Rotorua

Our Original Canopy Tour is eco-tourism at its absolute best - in fact, this tour just won a 2019 '100% Pure Experience'Award which we're pretty proud of.

We will take you into an ancient, pristine forest where you'll see and hear lots of beautiful native birds up close. You get to zipline through 600m of canopy during this 3 hour adventure. You'll also find yourself 22m up in the air on our highest platform, and cross some phenomenal swing bridges. These vantage points will give you a whole new perspective on how special NewZealand's native forests really are.

Our guides are trained to keep you completely safe, and are guaranteed to make you smile! We'll also show you why you're at the heart of our conservation story and explain how you're literally saving this forest from destruction.


Rotorua Canopy Tours - The Ultimate
Headquarters at 147 Fairy Springs Road, Rotorua

Our Ultimate Canopy Tour will completely take your breath away. You'll find yourself standing near the top of towering native trees; flying across fern-clad valleys that have stood untouched for 1000 years and climbing suspended staircases and bridges that will blow your mind. You might even be lucky enough to hand-feed wild North Island robin which is pretty incredible.

The Ultimate Canopy Tour is our premium product and we've recently taken this tour to a whole new level. Our longest, 400m zipline is now a tandem zipline so you can ride side-by-side and share this unforgettable experience; we've built more shelter on some platforms; you'll now get a snack and drink along the way; and we've also developed a system to slow down one of our most scenic ziplines so you can really soak up the amazing view.

The Ultimate Canopy Tour is higher, longer and 100% more spectacular than our Original Canopy Tour.


Velocity Valley - Agrojet
Paradise Valley Road, Ngongotaha, Rotorua

Velocity Valley is New Zealand's most thrilling adrenaline park with FIVE high octane rides to suit everyone thrill level. Velocity Valley is located on Paradise Valley Road, 10 minutes north of Rotorua off SH5.
Agrojet is where the park all started in 1998.
Feel the force throw you back in your seat as you head straight into a corner before turning and going back the other way. You will get 3 laps around our 1 km purpose-built track with one of our highly trained drivers, this white-knuckle ride is one not to miss.


Velocity Valley - Shweeb
Paradise Valley Road, Ngongotaha, Rotorua

Do you think you have what it takes to race the clock or beat your opponent?
Let us turn you biking experience upside down as you pedal your way around our 200 m monorail racetrack. Challenge your friends to 3 laps around the track in our bullet- shaped pods trying to get the fastest time and beat your opponent. Perfect ride for some healthy competition between friends or foes.


Velocity Valley - Freefall Xtreme
Paradise Valley Road, Ngongotaha, Rotorua

Take on the hair-raising flight as you defy gravity 9m above the ground with Freefall Xtreme.
Only outdoor wind tunnel in the southern hemisphere, live out your wildest dreams and fly like superman with up to 200kmph winds powering you up.
You will be provided with a cool flight suit, a brief training session with the pros before you head out into the wind tunnel.
Your flight masters will be with you at all time to provide you with the skills to make the most of your flying experience and even master unassisted flying.


Velocity Valley- Swoop
Paradise Valley Road, Ngongotaha, Rotorua

Grab a friend or two and take on this childhood favourite swing ride taken to the max adrenaline level.
Secured in body harnesses, share the fear as you are hoisted 40m high, one nominated
Pull the cord, take the ride! Dive headfirst into the action on the giant Swoop swing at Velocity Valley. Secured in body harnesses, feel the anticipation rise as you, and up to two friends, are slowly elevated to 40m high, where the bravest of you releases the cord sending you plummeting down to just over a metre from the ground. You'll reach exhilarating speeds of up to 130kmph.
If you like Superman, Tarzan, Spiderman or giant rope swings then you will love the Swoop


Katoa Jetboating and Parasailing
Rotorua City Lakefront, Rotorua

For over 40 years Katoa Jet have shown holidaymakers from all around the world how exhilarating Jet boating can be. Based at the Rotorua City lakefront, Katoa Jet offers speed, spins and adrenalin on the iconic BIG yellow jet boats. Katoa Jet offer an endless range of Rotorua jet boat rides that offer historical, cultural and informational experiences, with an added adrenalin rush - and it's suitable for ALL ages!

Combine your jet boat adrenalin rush with a K-Jet Parasailing experience to conquer Lake Rotorua - both on and off the water! Kjet Parasailing is a truly unique experience where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the exhilaration of free flight up to 400 feet and admire the views of Rotorua.

Katoa Jet offers jet boating in Rotorua 365 days per year (weather permitting).


New Zealand River Jet and 'The Squeeze'
Cnr State Highway 5 and Tutukau Road (44kms from Rotorua)

Begin with a scenic jet boat ride through Tutukau Gorge. Sit back and take in the remarkable landscape, learn the history and legends of the area and enjoy an abundance of unique wildlife.

Just when you thought you had an easy day ahead, your driver asks you to disembark the boat in knee deep warm water. You head towards a narrow gap in the cliff face ahead of you and start the challenge of 'The Squeeze'.

After manoeuvring your way through narrow crevasses, climbing boulders, and wading through warm waist deep water you emerge in stunning native New Zealand bush. Immerse yourself in the environment and take the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere while relaxing in the thermal waters of a naturally heated bathing pool and hot waterfall.

While 'squeezing' your way back to the boat, prepare your self for the action packed ride ahead of you. Hang on tight and enjoy all the thrills, excitement, speed and spins you would expect from the Hamilton Jet.


252 Ngongotaha Road, Rotorua

Zorb is a New Zealand company that invented the 'Zorb Globe' and has developed the sport of globe riding (rolling down the hill in a large inflatable ball). If you are a thrill-seeker then globe riding is a must-do experience during your stay in Rotorua. Increase the thrill by adding water into the globe - this is called the 'Zydro Ride' and will send you slipping, sliding and tumbling all the way to the bottom of the specially designed hills. Described as a cross between a roller-coaster and a water slide, the Zydro Ride will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for more! There is a choice of two tracks - straight or zig zag.


Rafting - Kaitiaki Adventures
Lake Rotoiti Holiday Park, 103 Okere Rd, (off SH33), Okere Falls

Kaitiaki Adventures offers Grade 5 white water rafting at its best. Pass through amazing steep, narrow, bush clad canons through 14 rapids and over the
7 metre Kaituna Waterfall. This is adrenalin overload!

Or why not try sledging, where you are in control of your own purpose-built river sledge motivated by flippers on your feet and equipped with the best gear and guidance available. With rapids named 'rollercoaster' or 'mothers nightmare' you know you're in for a good ride! Transport from Rotorua Tourism Centre provided.


Mountain Bike Rotorua
Whakarewarewa Forest, Waipa State Mill Road, Rotorua

The world's best mountain bike trails. That's not our own boast. That's what Australian Mountain Bike (AMB) magazine said when they recently visited. Mountain Bike Rotorua is your gateway to the Whakarewarewa Redwood Forest, the stunning jewel in the crown of the adventure destination that is Rotorua. Located at the forest itself the friendly team here at the MBR base have everything you need to get out and ride!

Along with her natural beauty, the true strength of our forest is that it caters to all levels of Mountain Bike interest. It doesn't matter if you've never been mountain biking before or you live, eat, breathe and dream about your next MTB fix, Whakarewarewa Forest has trails for you. With more than 100kms of mountain biking trail loop options for you to choose and explore you can opt to hire our bikes for 2 hours, half day, full day, or go on multi-day adventures. We also have guided tour and adventure day (bike / raft / kayak / hot pool) options and bike mechanical support available onsite. Coupled with our new Waipa Store Cafe our base is now an unmissable feature of your forest exploration.


Off Road NZ
193 Amoore Road, RD2, Rotorua (off SH5 between Rotorua and Hamilton)

Off Road NZ provide the best self-drive, off road vehicle experiences in New Zealand, including 4WD Bush Safaris and Monster 4X4 Thrill Rides. On the 4WD Bush Safari you professional guide, up ahead, gives you instructions while your heart is racing with anticipation. The terrain is like nothing you've encountered before and the challenges come thick and fast! As you traverse unbelievably steep climbs and descents; tight, twisting bends; deep, muddy holes; the 4WD rocks and pitches. Foliage brushes past… you come to a bridge of poles over a creek - how can you possibly get across that? And suddenly the luge: a six metre-high controlled slide down a near-vertical 80-degree slope. Adrenaline pumping, you try not to look down. Follow instructions and take a leap of faith!

The Monster 4X4 Thrill Ride you'll feel your adrenaline begin to pump. With a roar and utilising its massive suspension, it accelerates into the bush and tears up a steep track. The 4X4's unique 4-wheel steering mechanism helps to power through New Zealand native bush, up and down near-vertical slopes tackling the 'Widow Maker' and the 'Loggers Long Drop'. Your knuckles are white as trees brush past. It twists; it bucks; it swerves; it tilts - every part of your body will be holding on tight.

Off Road NZ's newest adventure is Raceline Karting providing an opportunity to race a 390cc 4-stroke Kart on New Zealand's newest and longest KartSport circuit.

Off Road NZ is located on a beautiful NZ native bush-clad property on the Mamaku Plateau, just 20 minutes north of Rotorua City.

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